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  • "Great experience, no pain, latest tech, and Moe (my dental hygienist) is amazing!! It really does feel like I have found a dentist that I hope to have for life! Keep up the awesome work."
    Ashi K.
  • "A big shout out to Dr. Reganato and his dental team. I was provided with a very positive dental experience. My dental hygienist “Mo” is the best I have ever met. I highly recommend CPIS for your dental need!!"
    Annie P.
  • "I am so glad i have found this practice. Moe (the dental hygienist) is awesome. She understands my special needs and is very compassionate and caring. I no longer worry about my visits after starting with this center."
    Vimal N.
  • "I have been going to this office for many years. I Loved the previous periodontist there and when Dr. Reganato started I was skeptical. But I Love him as well. He is smart and gentle and kind. The dental hygenist Mo, is the Best. She is so caring about my fears and makes the whole
    experience as easy as possible. She does a great job. The office staff is professional and friendly also."
    Susan L.
  • "Very impressed with the service and professionalism. Maureen is an excellent hygienist with a delicate touch."
    Thomas J. W.
  • "I had a gum graft surgery with Dr. Reganato and am very grateful for the terrific work he did. He always explained his process thoroughly and made sure to answer any questions I had. He also provided great resources for post-op recovery and really wanted to make sure I was healing properly in the months after. My graft looks great and healed very well!"
    Annie F.
  • "I wanted to thank Maureen my dental hygienist for having such patience and being so kind to me. I am always so nervous and fearful...just a terrible patient...but she manages to put me at ease and doesn't make me feel stupid/awkward. She is very helpful and thorough too. I've had many good hygienists, but she is by far the best!!! Thank you so much! And Dr. Reganato is wonderful too...very honest and conservative. You can have a conversation with him and he truly listens and tries to help you. I would recommend CPID."
    Lynne A.
  • "Mo is a great hygienist and is a nice person to talk to also! She did a great job cleaning my teeth. She is gentle and thorough."
    Sherry W.
  • "I have been with CPID for 5+ years. Dr Reganato and his team is amazing! The hygienist who worked with me , Moe, is great! She is nice and does her job very well! I will bring my daughter also."
    Min W.
  • "I wanted to acknowledge Maureen, my Dental Hygienist, for the her professional knowledge, care and guidance in maintaining both my wife Lucy and my dental programs. She is compassionate about the patients needs and provides solutions to the patient to ensure healthy teeth and gums.
    Together with Dr. Reganato and Maureen, you will have an outstanding knowledgeable dental team."
    Raymond P.
  • "Dr. A. Reganato did my implants 6 years ago, even though I live in different county I still went to see him for other dental issues because he can be trusted, he really did an excellent job. I was in the clinic a month ago for cleaning, and hygienist Mae did a good job and was very thorough. I recommend this clinic for any dental works needed."
    Max S.
  • "I had a great experience at CPID, and would absolutely recommend it to anyone dealing with gum recession! Dr Reganato is knowledgeable, personable, and most importantly is great at what he does. I had the Alloderm Reverse Tunneling (ART) surgery. The initial 24 hours were painful but the recovery went smoothly and it's been about 4 months post surgery and my gums are fully healed and look great. Staff is friendly and answered all my questions and concerns."
  • "Dr. Reganato is the BEST!!!
    Let me start by saying that I'm pretty sure nobody looks forward to gum surgery. I am no exception. My dentist referred me to Dr. Reganato for advanced gum recession. It took me a year to finally go for a consult and another year before I committed to the procedure. Honestly, I don't know why I waited so long! I had the best experience I could have hoped for (it is gum surgery, after all). In addition to being a highly respected Dr. in his field, Dr. Reganato is also very kind and compassionate. It doesn't matter that he has performed this procedure many, many times. He knew that it was my first time and that I was anxious. From start to finish, he checked in to see how I was doing and was concerned with my comfort. I left the office with instructions for the next week and the Dr.'s cell phone number in case of emergency...."
    Teri F.
  • "The Dental Hygienist here is AMAZING!!! Heather is her name, when I took my brother here to get a scaling and root planing. She was so nice to the both of us. Showed me where I could get water or coffee while I waited. Just a great positive attitude. Thank you for employing great staff it is a refreshing change."
    Jack C.
  • "What a wonderful doctor and staff! I was referred to his office for a crown lengthening procedure. Very quick visit with no pain and no swelling. I was really comfortable throughout the entire healing process. And then my dentist, Dr. Fox gave me a good fitting crown. Better experience than I could have expected."
    Logan C.
  • "was referred to Dr. Reganato by my regular dentist Staff members r amazing very little pain had a implant put in and he is very explaining of what is going to be the next step and during the visit he tell what is go to be going on would go back if I need another one done to see and no pain when he pull the tooth He is very caring and took the time to explain the steps involved and answered all my questions prior to my procedure and it is very easy to make appointees that fit my schedule office is very clean and neat Dr. Reganato and the team and would highly recommend them."
    ELIOT L.
  • "Dr. Reganato is the most impressive health care professional that I have ever met. He is empathetic, kind, and genuine when conversing. His clinical skills are superb. I’ve seen him for a number of procedures at this point and all I can say is that he exceeds expectations every single time. It’s hard finding a good periodontist and I feel like I struck gold with him. My highest recommendation."
    Arn F.
  • "Was referred here by my dentist for a gum graft and I'm very happy they did. The whole process was very easy and the procedure was not painful, just a little limited on what I could eat for a few weeks while the graft healed. I just went in for my follow up and everything looks great. I would highly recommend Dr. Reganato for this type of procedure."
    Ross P.
  • "Was referred by my dentist for 2 procedures on my gums, and both operations went really well. Dr. Reganato is highly professional and informative. You feel like you are in really good hands with him, and that he has really high standards that he holds himself and his staff to. Would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a dental surgeon."
    Michael F.
  • "Dr. Reganato is an incredible dentist. Very reliable and trustworthy. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about the procedures. All around a great experience (not something you hear often about a dentist!). I would recommend him to all of my loved ones and friends!"
    Suleyman H.
  • "I just wanted to say that this doctor made my first implant experience as easy as possible. Didn’t know what to expect but from removing my tooth to getting my implant, this whole process was very simple and painless. I would highly recommend him to any friend or family member. Thank you Dr Reganato!"
    Stephanie B.
  • "I cannot say enough good things about this dental office. Dr. Reganato is a true professional and very kind, and makes me feel very comfortable every time I go there. The staff is also extremely friendly and always very helpful. I highly recommend this place to everyone!"
    Fabiola S.
  • "Dr. Reganato is a true professional - he explain things where you understand and makes you feel comfortable. Heather, the dental hygienist is wonderful - she's kind, funny and does a great job. The staff is always very kind and helpful. I highly recommend this place to everyone!"
    Kathy S.
  • "Great overall experience at Dr. Reganato’s office. He is a very skilled surgeon and a pleasure to converse with. I had a few areas of gum grafting and his gum implant tunneling procedure lived up to the hype…fast recovery and great result!"
    Lester G.
  • "It's a little unsettling to be told you need oral surgery due to losing some bone in your jaw but Dr Reganato and his team made the procedure a very good experience! Everyone in the office makes you feel so cared for and puts you completely at ease. The whole thing from the surgery and all the follow up visits was handled professionally and I truly trusted them. What initially sounded like an awful procedure turned out to be no big deal and I'm glad I went in to get it done. I highly recommend Dr Reganato. Thanks for taking good care of me!"
    Kim D.
  • "I had to have an implant to replace a missing molar and all I can say is WOW. Dr. Reganato is a master of his craft and I it was easier than I could have ever expected. Very personable and friendly. His staff was great with scheduling and dealing with insurance. 5 STARS!"
    Anthony W.
  • "I searched long and hard to find just the right Periodontist for my situation. I definitely made the right choice. I was put at ease from the moment I stepped into the office until now!! Everyone is so compassionate and professional! Dr. Reganato is so knowledgable and up to date with his care. I never felt any pain during or after surgery!!!"
    Vikki C.
  • "I was referred to Dr. Reganato by my primary dentist as I had an area of gum recession. Dr. Reganato performed his very cool graft procedure on the area. The procedure was faster than my usual dental cleaning and relatively pain free. The healing process does take a few weeks so I had to adjust my diet accordingly, but its healed amazingly well and I am now much better than before!

    Throughout the procedure and several followups Dr. Reganato and the staff were extremely helpful, empathetic, and caring. I knew I was in good hands and could always reach out with any questions. I'm not great at dental work because let's just be honest...it can be very scary! But I have full confidence in Dr. Reganato and the team and would highly recommend them."
    Lisa H.
  • "I went to Dr Reganata’s Office for a gum graft. I was so relieved to hear that I didn’t have to have the top of my mouth cut up. His technique is painless and the result looks amazing. My smile has never looked better!"
    Bruce K.
  • "I'm giving my staff a 5 star review because they make me so proud to be their leader every day. Working with such great people makes it an absolute pleasure to come to the office and treat patients. Even though they may never see this or read this, I thank my lucky stars for the team I have in place :)"
    Anthony R.
  • "Dr. Reganato and staff are very professional. I have used their services twice now. Once as a scheduled procedure and once in an emergency. Both procedures were painless with quick recovery."
    Tim H.
  • "Dr. Reganato is the best in his field. I recently had a tooth implant, I felt very comfortable through the entire procedure. No pain or bleeding afterwards. He truly cares about his patients. He is warm and emphatic. Yes I would recommend Dr, Reganato. Also, his entire staff is there to help any way they can. Thank you, Sue P."
    Thomas P.
  • "Dr. Reganato is an excellent oral surgeon and I highly recommend his dental practice if you are looking into gum grafting. I was referred by my primary dentist and I had a great experience through the whole process with fantastic results. He uses a much more non-invasive gum grafting procedure that doesn't require cutting out and transplanting gum tissue from other areas. As a result, the pain and healing time required is reduced and recoverage of the gum tissue is easier to achieve (as long as you follow all the post-op instructions!!).
    Dr. Reganato and his staff walked me through the whole process, made me very comfortable and relaxed during the procedure, and followed up consistently after the surgery to ensure the best healing and results. Great experience overall!"
    Joe P.
  • "Very professional doctor. Informative consultation. All periodontal work went well so far. My teeth have never felt better!"
    Jana M.
  • "Dr. Reganato is a fantastic doctor. he took out my wisdom teeth and i didnt feel a thing. my brother had his wisdom teeth removed a few months earlier and told me the same thing. he is the absolute best!"
    Teddy K.
  • "I remember my first visit to Dr Reganato's office and how anxious I was! Well, right after Dr Reganato started talking to me - my anxiety was gone. His calm and professional demeanor, his positive attitude, and his skillfulness are beyond excellent. He extracted my wisdom tooth and I felt ABSOLUTELY nothing. He is now taking care of my gums and even though I had a pretty bad case of periodontal disease, he has been using a traditional approach and I had nothing but cleanings so far (no surgeries at all!).
    Also, shout-out to Heather - the best hygienist I've been to so far:)"
    Cristina B.
  • "Dr. Reganato is a wonderful doctor and an accomplished artist. I enjoy the care I receive in a very pleasant environment. I highly recommend Dr. Reganato."
    Elisa R.
  • "I was referred to Dr. Reganato by my regular dentist. I couldn't be happier with Dr. Reganato's practice. His entire team compliments his professionalism and his expertise. I am a stickler for great customer service and I can honestly say it was one of the best customer experiences I've had. From his in depth knowledge and explanation of the procedure educating me on what was going to happen, to the painless and very quick procedure, to the follow up. Every point of the way I could tell Dr. Reganato really cares for his patients. Highly recommended!"
    Nathan M.
  • "Afraid of the word SURGERY? Scared of pain? Well, then Dr. Reganato is the Oral Surgeon for you! The staff is professional, efficient and pleasant. Dr. Reganato will explain all your options and allay your fears. He is very competent and thorough, yet wonderfully gentle and calming. He actually CARES about you! Don't worry about oral surgery, go to CPID!!!!!"
    Christopher S.
  • "Anthony Reganato is a true professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs periodontal or implant work done. I went in for two separate procedures and was very pleased with both experiences. He was informative and helped me understand what needed to be done. Always on time and the rest of his staff is very friendly."
    Brandon S.
  • "everything went very well from the first visit to the last. very much would recommend Dr. Reganato to friends and family!"
    Dev P.
  • "I went in for a perio consultation and really felt like I was taken care of. The front desk ladies were especially kind, friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Reganato was extremely thorough and relayed all the necessary info needed for my specific visit. I 100% recommend CPID for your next perio consultation!"
    Melisa L.
  • "Anthony J. Reganato, D.D.S. is a periodontist with a purpose -- to give your teeth a fighting chance. My parents didn't have the time or budget to remove my Wisdom teeth back in elementary school in Galena. When I realized one of my molars needed extraction some six decades after my young days in Galena, I was told that Dr. Reganato was the best in the dental business -- and my friend was right. Molar #17 is now in tooth heaven after NO PAIN, TERRIFIC GAIN. Just make your appointment for any tooth problem, with Dr. Anthony J. Reganato. You'll smile like you naver have before."
    Jim W.
  • "Wonderful staff!!! They accomodate me to my schedule and are always very polite. I always feel at ease before and after Heather cleans my teeth, best hygienist ever! And the surgical assistant Afa is very comforting. I am so happy I went to Dr. Reganato & CPID for my dental health needs. BEST DECISION EVER!!! Highly recommend hands down"
    David M.
  • "As I write this review, I must say without hesitation, I made the best and perfect choice for the care of my teeth. I can't imagine putting my trust in any other periodontist. Dr. Reganato is caring and gentle when it comes to treatment. His surgical assistant Afa knows how to calm and ease a patient. Heather the hygienist is a GEM, she knows her stuff. She is compassionate, caring and makes me feel comfortable!! And I can't forget the wonderful front desk staff. Very professional and polite. Dr. Reganato & CPID is the place to go for your periodontal and implant needs!! I LOVE THE ATMOSPHERE, VERY CLEAN!!!!"
    Maria C. M.
  • "Been going here over 10 years. Staff and doctors are all excellent."
    Deb K.
  • "I love Dr. Reganato and the staff at CPID! I have known this office for a long time so when my daughter needed perio treatment in conjuction with ortho work, I trust Dr. Reganato. My daughter was nervous considering it was her first time receiving an injection and having a tooth extraction. Dr. Reganato and the surgical staff put her at ease and she had the best possible experience. The recovery was great and uneventful. I would highly recommend this office to everyone!"
    Heather D.
  • "He is a very good doctor. 5 star rating, yes."
    Boris P.
  • "Dr. Reganato is great, very polite and professional. He performed a gum grafting surgery on me. He walked me through the entire process before the surgery and explained every step of the procedure during the surgery. He also works closely with my general dentist and orthodontist to ensure the gum is in decent shape during the adjustment. His staff are very friendly and capable as well. I would highly recommend Dr. Reganato to anyone who is looking for a great perodontist."
    LiMing B.
  • "I have been a patient of Dr. Freeman for over 10 years and have found him and the office staff to be both professional and understanding. I have had substantial dental work performed during that time and everything, including cost, is discussed prior to beginning treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Freeman."
    Richard M.
  • "Best dental service I've ever had! Extremely friendly staff, quick and professional service. Made me feel like I was at home. Highly recommended."
    Anna G.
  • "I have been using the office for many years and I would highly recommend them. The service is excellent as well as the staff."
    Julie S.
  • "I can not say enough good things about Dr. Reganato and his work. He treated my father with such care, and took the time to thoroughly explain every step of the procedure. He takes so much pride in what he does, and it is clearly reflected in the quality of his work. After the surgery my father was amazed by how little discomfort he felt. I'm so happy we were able to find such a wonderful doctor. Dr. Reganato will really take the time to educate you, and make you feel like you are in good hands. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in dental implants."
    Viridiana B.
  • "I have been coming here for many years. The doctors and staff want the best for the patient. Dr Reganato is now my doctor, He is up on the latest technology, he is personable and easy to talk to and cares for the patient."
    Ron F.
  • "Dr. Reganato was professional, courteous and alleviated any concerns prior to my surgery with his explanation of procedure to be done and his calming personality. The staff at CPID is very friendly and the office atmosphere is almost spa like with refreshments , beautiful paintings done by Dr. Reganato displayed in every room and a slide show of them in the waiting room. Procedure which included an extraction , bone graft , and implant was done both quickly and painlessly. Highly recommend !"
    Carol R.
  • "Dr. Reganato is an amazing periodontist. I recently became a patient of his, and he performed an extraction and bone graft painlessly on my second molar. His work is extremely efficient; the procedure went very smoothly. He is very caring and took the time to explain the steps involved and answered all my questions prior to my procedure. I have one year of experience as an assistant with Dr. Reganato, 19 years total in the field. I have seen numerous surgical procedures, and Dr. Reganato’s process and performance helps all his procedures go swiftly and smoothly. Dr. Reganato is dedicated to making sure each and every patient has incredible results, with the patient’s complete satisfaction in mind. I highly recommend him!"
    Sheila F.
  • "I was referred to Dr Reganato of CPID by my Dentist, Natalya Nagornaya. She referred me as I needed a crown lengthening procedure done.

    I was very worried as the procedure is more or less cutting away at your gums to expose the underlying tooth usually for a better crown fitting, hence the name "crown lengthening"..."
    Family Lawson
  • "Dr. Reganato is absolutely, without a doubt the greatest periodontist that I have ever met. Prior to meeting Dr. Reganato, getting my wisdom teeth extracted was the most nerve-wracking situation that I had been dealt with. Many other periodontists didn't even want to extract my wisdom teeth due to the fact that my bottom wisdom roots were very long and were almost on top of the nerve along my jaw. However, once meeting Dr. Reganato, his calm and soothing demeanor not only made me confident in his practice, it completely made me relaxed during the operation. His staff was absolutely wonderful in helping me get prepped for surgery and preparing me for recovery. Not only does Dr. Reganato do a fantastic job at periodontistry, but also has a beautiful imagination that can be seen along the office with his breathtaking artwork. Would 100% recommend."
    Sam H.
  • "The office is very personable and relaxing with art work that was done by Dr. Reganato decorating the walls. The staff is very friendly and reassuring. Dr. Reganato makes you feel comfortable by explaining everything clearly and performs the prescribed procedures painlessly. He keeps in touch after the office visit to make sure you are feeling well and answers any questions."
    George R.
  • "Dr. Anthony J. Reganato made a very uncomfortable procedure into a piece of cake. His professionalism is outstanding and he made sure I was informed of each step of the process. I would highly recommend him and his practice."
    Paula C.
  • "After my dentist screwed me up. Exhausted my insurance. Put a crown on a bad tooth and end up with abscess he passed me on to Dr. Reganato, who did an outstanding job of extracting the bad tooth.
    Due to side effects of antibiotic, I developed acute stomach upset. He kept in touch over the weekend via email and took care of my problem.
    I am highly impressed with is job knowledge and patient care !!!"
    Kuldip R.
  • "Very personable staff and Dentist. I recommend him, as my family dentist recommended him to me."
    J . T. White, Jr.
  • "Great job! Dr. Reganato is friendly, professional, quick and painless. Definitely recommend."
    C Stern
  • "My experience today was the same as all the visits I have gone to in the past. EXCELLENT !! Dr Reganato is the best periodontics that I have ever gone to and he truly cares cares about his patients. He will do everything that he can to ensure any problem that you have with your gums, teeth, any implants that you need or have is taken care of to the fullest. He listens to his patients and gives his honest opinion on the best care possible. That is a rarity. Dr Reganato is truly the best that there is in his field. I gladly drive the hour + to have my dental issues taken care of knowing the service that he provides. As for his staff of employees, they are friendly and have a lot of compassion as well. I recommend Dr Reganato to anyone and everyone that is need of excellent perio services."
    Ingrid B.-R.
  • "Dr. Reganato performed “Alloderm Reverse Tunneling” surgery because of my receding gums. The procedure was performed under local anesthesia and I was able to see and hear everything. Dr. Reganato is very experienced in performing the above procedure. He really knows what he is doing. I’ve got the implants on my entire lower arch. The entire visit took around two hours. His staff is super friendly and helpful as well. My recovery was quick and with no issues. I ended up not needed to take the prescribed pain killers, since the pain was very tolerable. Face swelling went away after the third day, and the two weeks checkup was very good. If you have to get this procedure done, I highly recommend to consult with Dr. Reganato. He is truly doing miracles with this surgical procedure."
    US Trader - Ivaylo
  • "Best surgeon ever!!!"
    Stephanie C.
  • "Another great visit yesterday! Thanks to Moe (my hygienist) for a job well done!!"
    Drew K.