For any of our procedures, we will do everything we can to provide for your comfort. Most of our work is performed with local anesthesia (Novacaine/Lidocaine, freezing). Before any injections, we apply a topical anesthetic solution or gel to provide a surface numbing. The following options are available, upon request:

  • ORAL SEDATION- We can prescribe a medicine to "calm your nerves" and relax you. You must be driven to and from the appointment by a responsible adult.
  • INTRAVENOUS SEDATION- For medically compromised patients, we will arrange with a dental anesthesiologist to come to our office. The anesthesiologist's fees are separate from our office.
  • NITROUS OXIDE ANALGESIA (Laughing Gas or Happy Gas) - This gas is breathed in through a nose mask and gives a detached, light-headed feeling, easing any fears or apprehensions you may have. Its effect will disappear as soon as the mask is removed from your nose, so you can drive yourself from the office. A small fee is charged for this service.